Props & Accessories

Our props and accessories were carefully selected to add a touch of magic to any affair. They are excellent at elevating your event and  perfect for any photoshoot. Parents, party planners, photographers, and creatives alike will love this collection!



Meet our friendly giraffe calf, Chloe. She is a must have for any baby shower, zoo, jungle, or safari celebration. 

$85/ Per day

Height: About 6 Feet



Dewy the sailboat is amazing for any little skipper's adventure. Whether its to go where the wild things are, or take on the open sea with your fellow pirates, Dewy will make any theme set sail. This addition makes for some awesome photoshoots and it even floats! 

$60/Per day

Capacity: 1-2 kids


Length: 4 feet

Width: 20"

Height (excluding mast): 12"

Warning: This prop is not meant to be used as an actual boat for sailing. The boat is simply meant to float while occupied by 1 to 2 children. If the prop is used in water, parental supervision is a must. Have fun and be safe!

Crate Stand


Our Crate Stand is great for any event. Turn it into a lemonade stand, a kissing booth for Valentine's Day, an ice cream stand, or a candy cart. This stand will make any event festive. 

$75/Per day

Dimensions: Counter Height 24"